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Implants: But what if you can’t shake what yo’ momma gave ya?

     Art is all about the visual expression of ones self into something tangible. Some people like to show themselves through body art, (permanent and non-permanent) A.K.A tattoo(s) and piercing(s), and some, through actually changing their bodies. Either to visually appeal to others or just to help their self esteem; plastic surgery. Breast augmentation is becoming the new rave to get with teens, and it becoming a popular fantasy to think of yourself with new surgically enhanced breasts. Question for you girls, would you rather have $5,000 or ‘perfect’ breasts? For this very common and much argued question, I went to the American board of Plastic Surgery ( for the facts so I could find out what my answer to the question would be.

     One of the features on this site is to look at the results of many plastic surgeries, including breast augmentation. All of these “sample: surgery results are, of course, great and probably what everyone would hope for. Not all surgeries go great like these; many women end up unsatisfied with their choice of spending their money. Many women have too high of hopes for surgery, but if you want to meet these, you should make sure you get a qualified and good surgeon (

     Another question that women have with breast augmentation is if it will interfere with breast feeding, and this question is answered by Dr. Scott Zevon. “…based on the current research, as well as the fact that many women with breast implants have successfully breastfed, there is no evidence that breast augmentation necessarily will affect the ability to nurse. Breast augmentation surgery may be performed with different surgical approaches to the breast and different incisions. If the approach used is via the armpit (the auxiliary approach) or the crease under the breast (the infra-mammary fold approach), the likelihood of alteration to the milk ducts is extraordinarily low.” Also, Dr. Zevon advises women to ask their surgeon (especially in the consultation) any questions that they might have, and that the surgeon should tell you all the risks of the particular surgery you are considering.

     Another ‘fad’ that is becoming a problem is teens and low self esteem. Dr. Samuel N. Pearl addresses this question that “breast augmentation is a proven way to improve the size and shape of your breasts, but it requires a great deal of thought before proceeding with surgery. The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) prohibits cosmetic breast augmentation on women under 18 years of age, and most of my patients are 21 or older.” Also, before you’re 18, your breasts are still growing, and having your breasts grow can cause the “necessity to replace your implants, sometimes many years after your initial surgery”.

     Women need to know that surgeons go through a checklist to see if the individual is a good candidate for breast augmentations. Some of the things the surgeon (and you) should take in consideration are: Embarrassed and self conscious when wearing bathing suits and fitted shirts, one of your breasts is noticeably smaller that the other, and if having children or weight loss has changed the appearance/shape of your breasts. Your surgeon will take pictures of your breasts, for our medical record, the shape/size/sagging of your breasts. They surgeon will ask you questions about your medical history also.

     A major fear of women is the procedure itself. Sometimes to prepare for surgery is getting a mammogram before surgery and after (to keep track of your breast tissue), and you (if you are a smoker) will be asked to stop smoking before surgery. During the surgery, you will (most likely) be under anesthesia. After surgery, your breasts will be bandaged and you will be taken out of the operating room to a recovery area. You will either go home after the surgery or stay a night in the surgical facility (depending on the surgeons observations). After surgery, you will probably have swelling and some discoloration on your breast, but that will disappear after a few days. Most swelling goes away after a month.

     Well, now you know the facts, or at least some doctors and surgeons opinions on this controversial matter. Self esteem problems should not be solved with changing your body so that others will like you more. People will enjoy you more if you’re yourself, and you don't need any silicone confidence. For some, plastic surgery is a bad answer if you are doing it for the wrong reasons, but for others, it’s a body changing (and very expensive) and mind changing operation. It’s like piercing or tattoos; plastic surgery and other operations (like filing down the canines into fangs) is a way for people to create themselves and express themselves in different ways.

Kaite Peterson

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